About Us

Tech Seven Handlooms has been weaving Mangalagiri Cotton Handloom sarees and dress material since 1973. We are one of the oldest quality master weavers in the Mangalagiri. The young team of third generation has taken our year's old family business worldwide by selling these beautiful handmade Mangalagiri Cotton and Pattu sarees, dress materials online at www.mangalagiricottons.com.

"We proudly announce we are the first weavers to sell Mangalagiri Handloom products online."

Tech Seven Handlooms is committed to continue to weave these high quality Mangalagiri Cotton Sarees and Dress Sets for years to come. We believe Mangalagiri Handloom products always have a strong place in Indian women clothing industry. Our years old weaving process helps us to make quality, comfort and elegance products which are unique.

Our Process

Step 1

Our process starts with dyeing the white yarn to beautiful colours and spilt it into warp yarn and weft yarn. We have unique way of smoothing these threads. And roll them into small rolls. We also process and roll gold zari threads which we use while weaving. We use starch to smooth the cotton yarn and bit gum to process zari threads.

Step 2

Mangalagiri Handlooms use unique way of processing warp yarn. Each warp is for 4-5 sarees. So, it is very important to make sure all the threads in the warp are smooth and not attached with one other. The above image show our warp process.

Step 3

Once we process the warp, we fix this to loom and start weaving process. At this point we also attach zari threads to warp to make zari boarders on Mangalagiri sarees. In general, a weaver can weave a Mangalagiri Saree in 1-2 days. The weaving time may vary based on the saree design.

Step 4

The other unique feature of Mangalagiri Handlooms Products is the thread knots at the end of sarees and dupattas. Our weavers are specialized and quick to knot these threads once the weaving is completed. We fold these beautifully handmade Mangalagiri Cotton and Pattu products with care and love so they carry signature look in the market.



Contact Us

Mangalagiri Saree Contact Details:

Tech Seven Handlooms
Door No: 1-104a, Kothapet
Mangalagiri – 522503
Andhra Pradesh, India.

Mobile: +91 7036777767

Landline: 08645232377